1. Independence Day (1996)

    Total Goldblum Rating: 7/10

    Jeff Goldblum fights aliens (with science!) and exchanges one-liners with Will Smith.

    Yes, yes. Let's try again, without the "oops."

    Goldblum presence: 7/10

    Although he spends a fair amount of time off-screen, he a) is the first non-President major character introduced, and b) saves the world.

    Goldblum hotness: 7/10

    The hair is totally decent, and the glasses add a certain hipster flair (as do the plaid shirts). However, he’s unkind enough to keep the plaid shirts on throughout the movie, and lines like “I was part of something special,” though dramatic-romantic, aren’t exactly sexy.

    Goldbluminess: 8/10

    Rapid Monologuing for sure—including bonus “must go faster” reference to Other Goldblum Blockbuster—and he’s noticeably taller than Will Smith. If he’d only been a little more Sexy-Flippant; he’d’ve gotten a higher score and maybe his wife wouldn’t’ve left him. Oh!